Corporate Reputation Quotient

The Corporate Reputation Quotient of Harris-Fombrun is a comprehensive measuring method of corporate reputation that was created specifically to capture the perceptions of any corporate stakeholder group such as consumers, investors, employees, or key influencers. The instrument enables research on the drivers of a company’s reputation, and allows to compare reputations both within and across industries.  It is a tool which measures the corporate reputation and captures all the stakeholders which come under it which are:

  • Consumers
  • Employers
  • Investors

It gives in depth analysis of the drivers of the company which determine the reputation.  In addition, it provides reputation comparisons between the departments of the same industry as well as across different industries.

The business reputation of any firm is assessed based on 6 attributes:

  1. Emotional appeal
  2. Products and services
  3. Vision and leadership
  4. Workplace environment
  5. Financial performance
  6. Social responsibility

Making random checks, these criteria taken together result in lists of most reputable and/or visible companies.

Source: Charles J. Fombrun, Cees Van Riel – Fame and Fortune: How Companies Build Reputations

Source: Gary Davies, Rosa Chun – Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness

Source: Kevin T. Jackson – Building Reputational Capital

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